Pete & Di’s peregrinations in Spain 2017

Mostly by train and, yes, it did rain on the plain!


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El Escorial

On our AirBnB host, Marcos’s recommendation, we made the half hour train trip from Madrid to El Escorial, A monastery and palace of the Spanish royal family for the last 500 years, designed by Juan Batista de Toledo, who had previously worked on Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It’s a very pleasant journey, and the … Continue reading El Escorial


We took a longer day trip to Salamanca, 200km from Madrid, near the Portuguese border, about a 2 hour journey each way, which still left plenty of time for sight-seeing. The ┬áSalamanca station is a fair way from the old city, so a taxi to Plaza Mayor was the only sensible thing to do. (Have … Continue reading Salamanca


On our first day back in Madrid, on our way home to Australia, we took ourselves early to the Prado, a palatial building, four stories high with colonnaded walks looking down onto a large central garden. The Prado had also been our first port of call when we arrived in Spain, not realising until we … Continue reading Toledo


We took a day trip by train 100km from Barcelona to Girona, an ancient Catalan town initially settled by the Iberians. The Romans occupied it, then the Visigoths, until the Moors conquered it in 715. Charlemagne reconquered it for the Christians in 785, then it changed hands between the Moors and Christians numerous times until … Continue reading Girona

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