The story of our long overdue trip around Spain, from Madrid, to Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Valencia, Barcelona and back to Madrid, with side trips to Girona, Toledo, Salamanca and El Escorial.
We prefer to travel by train. You start your journey in the middle of town, usually a walk or a few metro stops from your accommodation, relax in a comfortable, uncrowded carriage and enjoy the scenery, chat with the locals, stroll down to the buffet car or have an in-carriage picnic, then arrive in the middle of town at your destination.

Contrast that with flying: airports are way out of town, you have to arrive hours early and endure the inhumane conditions of the terminal. Most of our journeys took no longer than flying, when you take into account travelling to and from airports, sitting around in terminals, sitting in a plane on the tarmac, waiting for luggage, lining up for a taxi and the inevitable flight delays. Then there’s the ever-present risk of lost luggage and being crammed like sardines into a noisy aeroplane!

As for driving in a foreign country, forget it! Different cars, different road rules, navigation dramas, stress and fatigue, risk of accidents and all you see is road signs and lane markings!

Bad enough that we had to fly to Spain! In bygone days we could have had a pleasant six week sojourn each way on an ocean liner between Australia and Europe!

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